Awards and Recognitions of the current Administration of Honorable Rolen C. Paulino

Finalist, Most Business Friendly LGU Award, City Category, Level 1, PCCI – DILG

For the year 2014, Olongapo City was once again recognized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce (PCCI) to have demonstrated its efforts in instituting business enhancing and economic related reforms, promoting and attracting trade and investment in the City. The assessment includes fiscal reforms that amplifies transparency, financial accountability, that translates into an improve quality of life.

Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping, CY 2014

Attuned to good governance and transparency tenets of the current administration, Olongapo City had passed the 2014 evaluation and assessment on good financial housekeeping. The City had diligently posted on time pertinent required financial documents in both the SGFH web site portal of the DILG and in Bulletin Boards located infront of the City Hall, Public Market and City Hospital.

2nd-time Excellence Award for Health

On the 3rd Central Luzon Excellence Award for Health (CLExAH) in the year 2014, Olongapo City has again demonstrated its outstanding performance and consistency in delivering quality medical and health service by raking more similar Excellence Awards.

Showing an impressive result on the implementation of vaccine mass immunization on measles and polio, the Measles-Rubella and Oral Polio Vaccine Mass Immunization Excellence Award was granted. The eradication of polio and measles is in line with the national government’s commitment to achieve the Millennium Development Goal #4 to reduce child mortality. The City’s rabies and malaria control program was assessed once again to be effective and recognized with a Zero Malaria Case and Zero Malaria Death Excellence Award and the Rabies Prevention and Control Program Excellence Award.

Furthermore, having an appropriate facilities, specialization and personnel for HIV AIDS Treatment Hub, James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital, received the Health Excellence Award for HIV Program Implementation.

The successive award of excellence exemplifies the effectiveness of the current leadership of Mayor Rolen C. Paulino’s administration in the field of medical and health management, organization and infrastructure.

2014 Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance

For having an institutionalized governance practice on Child Friendly programs and projects, another Child-Friendly certificate-award in 2014 was conferred to the City, the Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance. Assessment criteria for this performance evaluation are varied ranging from child nutrition, health education, rights recognition, enabling policies, services and investments.

Olongapo City’s child mortality rate in the year 2014 is at a workable rate of 16 deaths for every 1,000 live births or 85 incidences (CHO SEIS) almost half than the national average of 31deaths for every 1,000 live births (Go to Source).
Child malnutrition prevalence rate is at a low 4.51%, a quarter of the national average of 19.9% (Go to Source).

Day care services are provided in all 55 Centers, located in 17 barangays and serving over 3,000 pre-school aged children while the primary completion rate is at a high 82.23%, much higher than the national average of 78.5%. Child labor is non-existent in the City and child abuses have declined by 47% since the year 2013.

Further, an enabling policy environment on child rights, development, protection and participation is continually implemented and improved by the leadership Mayor Rolen C. Paulino.

Central Luzon’s Outstanding Streamlined Business Permitting Process

Olongapo City was acknowledged of having an outstanding Streamlined Business Permitting Process and was ranked and awarded 3rd place among the competing cities in Region 3 by the Central Luzon Growth Corridor Foundation Inc. (CLGCFI) in the year 2013.

In accordance with the service standards consistent with Republic Act No. 9485 or the Anti-Red Tape (ARTA) of 2007, streamlined procedures in the issuance of Mayor’s Permit was adopted by the City. Procedures were reduced from 4 steps to 3 steps. The Business Permitting Office utilized a unified application form for processing. It consistently applied a 1 time assessment and 1 time payment procedure.

Further, the process guaranteed a 30-minute business permit processing to business permit renewals by issuing a 30-day provisional business permit. Inspections were executed by a joint regulatory agency team. The system also employs a client feedback mechanism and an internal monitoring system.

Best LGU in Customer Relations Award

Given in the year 2013, , Olongapo City was assessed by the same awarding body to have complied with consumer protection laws, operation of a Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS), information, education and communication campaigns; and training LGU staff in customer relations.

Finalist, Most Successful LGU in the Institutionalization of the BPLS Reforms, PCCI – DILG

Olongapo City was one of the few local government units recognized in Central Luzon to have instituted reforms in business permitting and licensing process. It had complied with the DILG-DTI issued JMS No. 01 Series of 2010 creation of Joint Inspection Teams (JIT) in all LGUs, by means of issuing a local Executive Order No. 12 Series of 2012. Evidently, the continued operation of the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) demonstrated the institutionalized reforms in the City.

Country’s Most Competitive City

Olongapo City was ranked 8th among the highly urbanized cities on three pillars – Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, and Infrastructure. Economic Dynamism parameters generally indicate the increase of business and investments and the corresponding increase of employment wherein Olongapo City generously performed. The City indicators outstandingly presented an above standard performance on government efficiency — ease of doing business and doing transactions with the government. The infrastructure’s data and information illustrates a decent physical building block able to adequately sustain a vibrant urban economic activity.

This LGU performance evaluation program is conducted by the National Competitiveness Council, aligned with the goal to improve the country’s overall competitiveness, through collaborative efforts between the national and local government agencies, and the public and private sectors.

Health Regional Recognitions and Awards

Olongapo City’s exemplary delivery of quality medical and health service to its people was acknowledged by the Regional Office of the Department of Health Region 3 through various awards and recognitions given for the past 3 years.

On the 2nd Central Luzon Excellence Award for Health, in the year 2013, Olongapo City received an Excellence Award for Health on Case Detection Rate for achieving a case detection rate of 85% of all forms of targets. Case detection rate (CDR) is the proportion of incident cases of a disease that are detected, diagnosed and notified, compared to the number of cases.

Recognizing the effectiveness of the control program of rabies in the City, a similar Excellence Award was conferred for achieving Zero Cases of Rabies for Five Years. This is in consonance to the national government’s strategic goal of Rabies-Free Philippines by the year 2020. Also, the City was awarded for its institutionalized ban of fireworks, receiving the Excellence Award for Health on Total Fireworks Ban.

Best Persons’ with Disability Friendly City

The presence of a conducive and enabling environment for Persons’ with Disability, made Olongapo City to be chosen as the region’s Best PWD Friendly City in the year 2013. Awarded by the Regional Council for Disability Affairs (RCDA), a national government agency, attaches to DSWD, and have concluded that the City possessed the required standards to be a Friendly City for PWDs.

There are functional support structure, such as the sidewalk pavement railings in key pedestrian areas, and similar facilitating structures. Conducive policy environment are present wherein related national laws, regulations and standards are adopted in the City. More so, there are indicative investment plans for annual projects and programs of the PWD sector.

The Region’s Best District Jail of the Year Award for Olongapo District Jail (during the 22nd BJMP Anniversary Celebration last 2013)

With the continued logistic, equipment and financial support of the City Government, the Bureau has determined the Olongapo District Jail of having the efficient and competent jail service among the City penitentiaries in the region. Relatively, it has the most secured, clean, adequately equipped and sanitary facilities and provides quality services for inmates waiting or undergoing investigation or trial.

2nd-time Regional Best Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Awardee for Highly Urbanized City Category

For the year 2013, Olongapo City PESO is credited for its efforts in placing 13,717 job applicants for local employment. It had received for the 2nd time the Best Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Award in the region. Likewise, it had likewise provided Career Guidance and Employment Coaching Services to 8,763 students and parents. It partnered with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in creating an OFW Help Desk, as a local support system of City Government for overseas workers. Included on its core services, is the periodic update of the Labor Market Information (LMI).