Signed by Hon. Rolen C. Paulino - Olongapo City Mayor

My Vision

By 2022, Olongapo City shall be the premiere Freeport city in the country, a regional trading center and a renowned tourism destination characterized by a sustainable ecology, propelled by globally competitive citizenry and principles of good governance.

My Mission



To become more remarkable with regards to transparency in government operations, the City Government will access the most effective means of communicating this to the public.
People’s Participation
To strengthen the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) participation in the Local Special Bodies and the Citizen Feedback System including maximization of CSO engagement during the implementation of development projects will be done.
Financial Accountability
To drastically improve its compliance to guidelines on accounting, internal control, procurement and financial transactions.


Local Legislation
To provide more capacity building for the legislative staff to make them more competent in the greater use of legislative tools that include agenda development, legislative tracking, backstopping committee and legislative performance.
Development Planning
The City will improve its organizational and spatial planning performance, consultation process and management of its GIS planning database and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and analysis which are all instrumental in quality land use, land adjudication and management and development planning. Come up with updated and relevant planning documents like the Medium Term Development Plan (MTD), Annual Investment Program (AIP), Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), Digital Zoning and Land Use Maps, and Ecological Profile.
Revenue Generation
To maximize its revenue generation potentials by enhancing the existing revenue generating programs, updating of the Revenue Code, efficient and optimum use of resources through Geographic Information System (GIS) digital revenue mapping, fiscal compliance of collections.
Customer Service (Civil Applications)
To continue enhance the existing streamlined process for a seamless delivery and ease of obtaining frontline services in civil registry, real property documents, locational clearances, land adjudication and issue management, business permits, building permits and Mayor’s permits.
Human Resource Management and Development
To achieve a more desirable organizational performance and productivity performance in support of the development thrust of the City through streamlining of government bureaucracy and personnel selection.


Support to Agriculture Sector
To initiate an Urban Agricultural Development Program augmenting the livelihood and income of upland settlers and Indigenous Peoples (IP’s) specifically the native Aetas.
Support to Fishery Services
To provide the fisher folks the necessary support in a more focused intervention and sustained engagement such as: improvement of credit facilitation services (loan access, insurance and credit guarantees thru cooperatives), extending adequate production support services (fingerlings), providing assistance to research and development services (techno – demo cooperators), improvement of market development services, and reaching more fishing household beneficiaries, and capacity building to the CFARMC on the enforcement of fishery laws, rules and regulations on municipal waters.
The City will uplift the spirit of entrepreneurship by providing the necessary training and access to market for small and medium enterprises. Encourage entrepreneurship thru the ease of starting or setting up small to medium businesses.
Business and Industry Promotion
To sustain the business-friendly environment through customer-oriented civil application system, speedy processing and release of building, occupancy and business permits thru Geographic Information System (GIS), RTPS, BPLS Digital and Computerized access, monitoring and management system improvements.


Urban Ecosystem
To institute a pollution control structure and mechanism and proper solid waste management essential in preserving the integrity of the environment thru Digital mapping and analysis of urban infrastructure for urban planning policy inputs.
Coastal Marine Ecosystem Management
To rehabilitate and protect the Coastal Marine Ecosystem of the City thru Digital mapping and analysis of urban infrastructure for urban planning policy inputs.
Forest Ecosystems Management
To rehabilitate and protect the Forest Ecosystem of the City thru Digital mapping and analysis of urban infrastructure for urban planning policy inputs.
Freshwater Ecosystems Management
To rehabilitate and protect the Freshwater Ecosystem of the City thru Digital mapping and analysis of urban infrastructure for urban planning policy inputs.